WEBINAR SERIES: Transitioning to Net Zero Fleets – Part 1: Introduction

We recently held our first webinar on Transitioning to Electric Fleet, the opening instalment in a webinar series designed to help fleet operators prepare their move to electric fleet assets in what’s arguably the biggest shift in transport technology since the industrial revolution.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Our first webinar showed Australian local-government councils have started moving towards zero-emissions fleets by increasing their uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) over the last six months. Our leasing partners confirmed this growth, which is in step with local national sales figures. These latest figures show EVs now make up 1.57% of the Australian light vehicle market, up from 0.78% the previous year.
  • Australia’s adoption of EVs is lagging compared to the rest of the developed world. With only 20,000 EVs sold locally to-date (as a comparison, 916,968 new vehicles were sold in Australia in 2020, according to VFACTS), the Australian government’s lack of EV-related plans is showing, although some state governments are emerging as EV policy leaders.
  • Transitioning to a zero-emissions fleet is a journey, and councils should adopt a transition plan to achieve this. The next instalments in our webinar series will help you build one.

Refer to the slide deck for more discussion details from our first Transitioning to Electric Fleet seminar, and CLICK HERE to register for our next episode in our webinar series.

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