WEBINAR SERIES: Transitioning to Net Zero Fleets – Part 6: Step by Step to NetZero

Part 6 of the Journey to NetZero webinar series took a close look into a specific section of Australia’s new-vehicle market – electric vans – and a dive into the various recharging options available as part of developing an EV (electric vehicle) transition plan.

This latest 60-minute session on October 11 sparked a great response from participants.

Here’s a quick summary of what happened:

Nathan James, Business Development Manager at Mercedes-Benz Vans, delved into electric vans and how they’re ideal for councils as tools of trade.

Mario Silvera from JetCharge showcased the company’s work to-date with local councils, their recharging hardware and how they’re working to accelerate the adoption of EVs in Australia.
You can see it all here in case you missed it:

The Journey to NetZero webinar series is valuable if you’re a local government and you run a fleet of vehicles and other mobile assets.

These regular 60-minute webinars are engaging and information-rich. They’re designed to help councils and local governments make the move to zero-emissions vehicles and machinery on the road to reaching their NetZero commitments.

You can access decades’ worth of fleet management experience just by registering and attending online – and it’s all FREE OF CHARGE.

Mark your calendar for the next one. It’ll be around April-May. Don’t miss it.

We’ll open registration soon so be sure to check back here.

See you then.

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