Correctly operating a fleet of mobile assets can be challenging

It’s Why Companies and Organisations Use Uniqco Virtual Fleet Manager To Make It Simpler And Cost-Effective
An organisation’s Fleet Assets, such as machinery and motor vehicles, all have specific jobs. But making sure they fulfill them correctly and safely takes experience and skill. Even if you have a full-time Fleet Department, it can still be difficult to get the best from these expensive and risk-prone assets. Budget constraints, staff shortages and excessive workloads make managing Fleet Assets challenging. And if you don’t have all of the necessary experience to interpret the correct Fleet Asset data, implement Asset Replacement Plans, train staff and contractors, and unearth why problems are occurring, then you need to bring in the answers. It’s is why so many businesses and government organisations turn to Uniqco Virtual Fleet Manager.

How It Works

Step 1

We merge your existing Fleet Asset data and enter it into Uniqco Fleet Data Aggregation Tool

Step 2

A Uniqco Subject Matter Expert conducts an on-site mechanical inspection of your current Fleet Assets. This creates your mechanical maintenance risk profile.

Step 3

Uniqco inspects your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and shows you how to improve them, where needed.

Whiles these steps are underway, the Uniqco team is creating these for you:

The Uniqco Virtual Fleet Manager then works with your Uniqco Fleet Data Analytics to show you exactly how to manage your Fleet Assets from day to day.

Your regular simple-to-follow Flash Reports will show you things such as:

Uniqco Virtual Fleet Manager can complete these tasks for you. And we don’t do it all virtually: our qualified and experienced staff work with you in-person regularly to mentor staff, operators and Fleet Project Coordinators on how to best manage your Fleet Assets.

Why You Need To Complete Every Fleet Asset Task

Ignoring them or not completing them can affect the residual values of your Fleet Assets, reducing their values at replacement time, costing you more money.

They can also raise your workplace risks, especially when they aren’t correctly maintained.

And when staff and contractors don’t have the correct information, such as proper operating instructions and safe practices, problems and danger can emerge.

Your Fleet Asset Management team might be too busy to ensure all of these. Perhaps they simply need an extra set of experienced hands.

Or maybe responsibility for your Fleet Assets falls to an unrelated department and these priorities aren’t important.

Lean on Uniqco Virtual Fleet Manager. We will get it done for you.

Our Fleet Managers

Grant Andrews

Senior Consultant – Managing Director

Grant Andrews, Managing Director of Uniqco, is a business analyst specialising in mobile assets whose focus is on outcomes, best management practice, increased utilisation, reduced operational costs, reduced maintenance costs, optimum replacement, increased corporate knowledge and reduced risk. Grant is the main author of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Plant & Vehicle Management Manual (P&VMM) 1st, 2nd and 3rd (2012) editions and has provided associated training to local government on behalf of IPWEA. The Manual is a comprehensive guide to the management of public works plant and fleet. Grant is an advocate for the harmonisation of the OH&S legislation and the implementation of the On Road Maintenance Chain of Responsibility. Grants fascination in mobile assets started early, he is licenced many vehicles, also a qualified aircraft pilot. The numbers behind the machines is what compelled the research and development of mobile asset data analytics making it easy to understand key performance numbers.

Anne Fitzgerald


Anne is a motivated, creative and enthusiastic individual with exceptional communication skills who works effectively under pressure to ensure project timeframes. Flexible, adaptable and dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Anne’s experience in Local Government IT and project management allows her to engage with our clients for effective outcomes

Anne has worked in various positions in Local Government since 2009, most recently as Fleet Manager with a team of three coordinators and over 30 operational staff, responsible for managing a fleet of 100 light vehicles along with over 200 other plant and equipment including heavy vehicles.

Jason Raiteri


Jason Raiteri has worked in senior management roles in Defence and Local Government for over 20 years. Over the past 4 years Jason was the Director of Engineering at Whitsunday Regional Council and was responsible for a number of Departments including: Roads and Drainage, Water & Sewage, Depot Operations, Quarry Operations and Disaster Management. Jason is accustomed to managing staff and physical resources in numerous depots and work locations spread across a large geographic region and has experience coordinating and managing capital works programs, along with unplanned emergency maintenance, in situations where remote work arrangements increase the complexity of delivery and put pressure on personnel.

Are you a Fleet Management Consultant?

You can use Uniqco Fleet Data Analytics with your clients

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