Our Team

Grant Andrews

Senior Consultant – Managing Director

Grant Andrews is the Managing Director of Uniqco. He’s a business analyst of more than 30 years’ experience who specialises in mobile assets. He focuses on these areas:

  • Improved outcomes
  • Best management practices
  • Increased asset utilisation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Optimum replacement
  • Increased corporate knowledge
  • Reduced risk.

Grant is the main author of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Plant & Vehicle Management Manual (P&VMM) 1st, 2nd and 3rd (2012) editions. The Manual is a comprehensive guide to the management of public works plant and fleet and Grant has delivered the associated training to local governments on behalf of the IPWEA.

Grant is an advocate for the harmonisation of the OH&S legislation, and the implementation of the On Road Maintenance Chain of Responsibility. Grant’s licenced to operate a variety of vehicles and he’s a qualified aircraft pilot. Having developed an early fascination with mobile assets, it’s the numbers behind these machines that ultimately compelled Grant to develop Uniqco Fleet Data Analytics. He’s driven its extensive research and development so owners and operators of mobile assets can easily to understand the key performance numbers to get the full value from their investments.

John Ravlic

Senior Consultant – Management Team

John Ravlic has been in and around government for some 30 years. He brings his extensive experience to clients who need advocacy and representation at all government levels: local, state and federal.

Having been embedded in innovation and best practice for almost a decade, John is passionate about researching, developing and implementing next practice for clients who want to challenge common practices and explore what’s possible.

John’s especially valuable to clients who find it challenging to keep up with new technologies and rapidly changing customer expectations. He gets them to leverage organisational development and use change management strategies to position them for the new challenges they’re facing.

John also works extensively with clients who adopt thought leadership strategies to develop products and services and who want to enter new markets.

Celia Jordaan


Celia Jordaan, has gained her extensive experience in procurement, tenders, supply chain, logistics and warehousing, fleet management, business risk management and contractor management both in Australia and overseas. Her career started in law as a practising attorney and legal counsel.

Celia currently consults in procurement and contracts in particular with Uniqco’s Contract Management as a service delivery with our partner software Portt. She also works with business and procurement teams to improve business performance, manage risks, and assist with tendering – all to improve bottom-line results.

Philip Aquilina

Consultant - Full Stack Developer & BI Specialist

Phillip is an experienced full stack developer and technical business analyst with Uniqco. He’s worked with organisations large and small all over the world. He’s helped them harness their data, drive efficiency and unlock hidden value.

Of note is Phil’s time in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. Here he worked with global operations giants and built construction and commissioning support systems which were instrumental in delivering projects on time and on budget.

Phil has helped Uniqco manage and capitalise on data by using big data analytics, AI and business intelligence.

Phil’s also highly skilled in international project management, communication and stakeholder engagement. He’s lived and worked cross Asia and Australia. He lives in Singapore where he leads a diverse global team of independent developers

Patrick Matthews

Project - Technical Support

Pat is a highly experienced Plant Engineer. He’s worked in the Western Australian transport industry for over 40 years. He holds an Electrical Engineering Diploma and has vast knowledge and experience in air conditioning systems, communications, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Pat’s also a qualified Electrical Fitter / Mechanic who held the in-house Electrical Contractor’s licence for Main Roads WA (Western Australia) for a number of years.

During his time at Main Roads WA, Pat has worked as a Project / Contract Manager on a number of Plant-related projects. He was also Senior Contracts Coordinator for the Traffic Control Infrastructure Contract which delivered all road-related Electrical Services throughout the State.

In later years, Pat was the Plant Services Manager. He oversaw the Main Roads Plant Management System (PMS) as well as the PMS of the Integrated Service Arrangements (ISA) Contactors (annual Plant spend approx. $400M)

Alexander Winzen

Consultant - Management Team

Alexander is a graduate industrial engineer and project manager. He develops concepts, consults and trains at-site, and attends projects world-wide.

Alexander has over 15 years’ project management experience with railway businesses, including road / rail vehicles.

Alexander has been consulting and advising his clients in the road / rail business with concepts, sales and technical documentation for the last six years.

He offers global project management and focusses on strategy, consultancy and concept development in his specialist field of road/rail vehicles, the rail industry, municipal vehicles, and other specialised industrial vehicles.

Graham Teede – OAM FAIB

Consultant - Construction / Contracts

Graham, is a seasoned Chartered Building Professional in Building and Construction Works. He focuses on best practices in the delivery and management of projects. In particular, he seeks to reduce project risk and minimize maintenance costs in the pursuit of successful project outcomes.

Graham has successfully delivered a large range of projects, including:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings
  • Multi-storey residential apartments
  • Hotel projects
  • Buildings of architectural and historical value
  • Retirement and Aged Care projects
  • Underground civil concrete works projects
  • Major civil concrete works projects within operating Alumina Refineries and Mine sites.

These projects have involved various delivery methods, including Design and Construct Contracts, Novated Contracts, Early Contractor Involvement plus conventional Contracts with normal delivery methods. Graham’s extensive experience has given him a strong understanding of the Contracting and Commissioning requirements for delivering various project types in a safe and timely manner.

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