Managing hire or grey fleet and understanding
the risks

Fleet, or any mobile asset that is not owned but is hired, either from a hire company OR contractor (wet hire with an operator) OR provided by an employee who is compensated for the use of their vehicle, still needs to meet the workplace health and safety guidelines related to providing a safe workplace.

Hire Fleet

Fleet, or any mobile asset that is not owned but is hired, either from a hire company or provided by an employee who is compensated for the use of their vehicle, still needs to meet the workplace health and safety guidelines related to providing a safe workplace.

Grey Fleet

For many organisations, it is difficult to manage the usage of grey fleet and to understand the risks and obligations arising as a result of the use of grey fleet. An organisation needs to do a thorough review of the requirements, including the risks and opportunities, before making a decision to allow the use of grey fleet.
Safework Australia highlights the considerations needed to ensure organisations comply with basic fleet management requirements for these vehicles, see:

For Hire vehicles and equipment

  • Has the vehicle been serviced to manufacturer’s standards
  • Are all the risk assessments documents compliant for the asset (particularly for earthmoving machinery and hand tools)
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Pre-Start checks
  • Truck’s weight and dimension



Every mobile asset needs to be comprehensively insured. On insurance issued for grey fleet assets it must be noted that the vehicle is being used for business purposes. Using Uniqco’s data analytics enables users to attach copies of insurance documents as evidence that the asset is insured and workplace compliance.


Trucks and special vehicles require supporting engineering compliance documents to demonstrate the assets are safe to operate. Certified documentation on weight and dimensions, and for point loads, specific load distribution charts and operator loading instructions, to demonstrate and provide evidence of on road and workplace health and safety compliance. Uniqco’s data analytics enables users to store the documents against each asset.


Evidence of regular maintenance to manufacturer’s specification is a core requirement for workplace health and safety compliance. By also tracking maintenance failure records (reasons for failure), data users are able to identify the human impact on operations.


Documented evidence of road or plant registration is required for all assets to be compliant. Not only for workplace health and safety purposes, but also legal evidence that the assets are fit for use. Uniqco’s data analytics enables users to store the registration documents against each asset


Most, if not all, equipment today requires a regular risk assessment. Uniqco fleet data analytics partners with Plant Assessor software that delivers comprehensive risk assessments. For users with their own risk documentation, evidence of risk assessments can be stored against each asset.

Uniqco Tailored solutions for higher productivity

Meeting Community Expectation

We have a team of consultants that specialise in community consultation, understanding what your community expects.

Our team is trained to work with communities to reflect the true cost of service delivery and then match community expectations with real service delivery. So often we encounter organisations that genuinely believe the community expectation is higher than what the community really expects. With our guidance and coaching, we enable community organisations to deliver service levels that are realistic whilst enabling significant savings.

Standard KPI reports for assets by supervisor, utilisation, costs Vs budget, services due, scheduled Vs unscheduled, fuel consumption, replacement and fleet productivity. Management performance reports by supervisor and manager on all KPI’s. Maintenance reports on timing, tasks, services due, scheduled Vs unscheduled and maintenance status reports to view progress through the maintenance plan. KPI Indicator traffic light reporting system .


Fleet enabled service delivery is complex and needs to be managed by simple KPI’s as just measuring utilisation is not the answer. Every fleet or mobility solution has an associated cost, in time and distance and mobility solutions are more applicable to replace, pool cars, or to reduce the impact of other costs such as parking While dry hire of assets can reduce ongoing fixed costs, the utilisation of these assets is also critical to managing costs.
Data is analysed and recorded to create Uniqco’s database of knowledge with 15 years of existing data on the costs, maintenance and productivity of over thousands of assets and productivity. Uniqco cross references data for accuracy through multiple data sources and provides maintenance data that meets all WHS and best practice guidelines.
Plant and fleet maintenance compliance is the cornerstone of WHS compliance. Uniqco provides automated reminders 14 days in advance of a service being due, maintenance analysis, downtime and job status plus maintenance status of all plant and fleet. A photograph of the vehicle is on the maintenance record to ensure correct asset data entry with historical records for audit.
Based on Uniqco’s database of knowledge we provide a facility to calculate hire rates based on utilisation and labour activity, valuations of fleet for tax purpose, best value analysis, long term capital cash flow requirements, optimum replacement of assets and fuel tax rebates. Uniqco’s customised calculators provide common use vehicle costs, internal and external expected labour requirements and environmental (CO2) output.
All client’s data, on mobile assets, is stored to credit card standard, with personal privacy security that meets the latest European Union GDPR rules The bulk of data is provided by clients using standard CSV export from their existing systems this data is then tailored to Uniqco standard upload format.
At Uniqco we believe in easy access to all your documents relating to individual assets should be stored in one place. We also like to give you assess to other associated systems through smart user access using Google compatible password settings. Interconnecting systems allow you to access all necessary documents including contracts, summaries, approvals, invoices, certificates, agreements and manuals.
Against each asset in our data analytics software users can attach +Procurement records +approval records +invoice +engineering certification documents +telematics id documents and with expiry dates +registration +roadside service +E-Tag +Roadworthy +Insurance +Risk assessment documents

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